February 1, 2007 – Ok – we all know that Valentine’s Day is a day that was invented by retailers to inject a bit of cashflow into the winter sales stream. And even though I am a retailer, I am the first person to admit that Valentine’s Day has gotten a bit out of hand. But I am a sucker for a day when we are encouraged to do sweet, shmoopy things like make heart-shaped pancakes and leave love notes in lunch bags. I know. I know. We should be doing these little acts of sweetness all year long, not just when the calendar says so. But the reality is, even the most loving partner or parent or child doesn’t have the time and energy to do sweet gestures as much as they would like. But Valentine’s Day is like a little reminder to stop and do a sweet little some’um some’um for your loved ones.

P.S. I also believe that Valentine’s Day is a good reminder to “yah you” yourself. It is a great ”excuse” (you really don’t need an excuse) to treat yourself.

Anyhow on our Inspiration Friday page, I have some images and links to perhaps inspire the handmade Valentine’s Treats. If you are strapped for time and need a good quick fix, why not give these suggestions a gander…. All of these products are available at Love, Me Boutique

Rock your rocker’s heart with hand-printed electric guitar china by Kyla Francis
Treat your sweetie to delightful handmade Candy Factory men’s or ladies briefs
Say it with a sweet, sassy or saucy handmade card from ScotiaMade Cards
Wax poetic about your loved one with a hand-bound journal from La Paperie & Cozy
Light your lover’s fire with handmade soy candles
Make some sweets for your sweetie and then box them in fun handmade printed reuseable wooden boxes from the Regional Assembly of Text
Adorn your extraordinary gal with some lovely handmade jewellery from some very cool Canadian designers

Red, White & Blue

February 6, 2008 – I don’t have cable. I get one newspaper a week (Saturday’s G&M). I rarely make it to watch Lloyd at 11pm. And I am trying to keep “surfing” to a minimum at work (b/c when it is cold and snowy out, all I want to do is sit at the computer with tea in hand and read blogs and headlines). Suffice it to say, I am having a hard time keeping up to date on what is transpiring in American politics. In a treasured 1/2 hour of surfing today, I came across an American art & craft blog which posted her favorite Etsy politically themed craft. And though the focus of this shop is Canadian, I had to post some of these works.


I heart huckabee from honey bees
Barack your world card from Alcove Press
Dumb and dumber pins from Buttonhead
Hilary Necklace from Matsuda Bunch
Barack & Hillary pop art set from NeilJam
Anarchy is for Lovers tee from Can’t Afford Em Buttons


Hillary Clinton finger puppet from abbeychristine. For those not politically inclined this shop also has fingerpuppets of The Breakfast Club.



May 16, 2008 – We have had lots of parental units around the shop the past couple of days. It must be graduation/moving time. I too am attending a graduation on Tuesday. My brother graduates from his Undergraduate Degree from Dalhousie. After grad season comes wedding season. And I have plenty of those on my social calendar as well. You too? Well, thank goodness Love, Me is stocked with adorable dresses. Check out this soy and organic cotton one from Passenger Pigeon.

Clean out to a T!

February 18, 2009 – Winter is a good month to clean and organize. This is particularily true of closets. And then dream of what goodies you might wear in the spring. But…do you have a tshirt you have been hanging on to for whatever reason? Of course you do! Well, Love, Me has a fun event just for you!
Ts Event – Participation Deadline: Saturday, February 21st, 5pm
What do you do with that perfectly worn tshirt with a stain down the front or the tshirt that is the perfect colour but has a hideous logo on it or the tshirt that is way too big or unshapely? You submit it to Love, Me Boutique’s T’s Event! The cost to participate is $40. Participation is limited and spaces will be filled on a first come, first serve basis. See details directly below. Submission forms and information available at Love, Me Boutique.
The Love, Me T’s Event Rundown:

1. Bring your tshirt, your submission form, & your t’s fee* to Love, Me by Saturday, February 21st.
2. Wait. Wait. Dream of your new shirt. Wait. Meanwhile in an artists’ studio nearby, your tshirt is being transformed by a local designer. Oooh. Aaaah.
3. Come see all the transformations on view at Love, Me from April 21 – April 25
4. Pick up your tshirt after April 28th.
5. Wear it and be proud. You now own a completely one-of-a-kind T!

Business, Man

May 27, 2008 – I was approached by a man this morning who is the founder of a business which makes beaded “fairy” inspired clothing for little girls as well as shoes for women. I begin to enquire the how’s and who’s of the making process. (They are made in Bangladesh.) When I explain I only carry Canadian handmade, I am met with a barage of opposition: What is Canada anymore? Canada is global. Nothing is made in Canada. If it is made in Canada it is so expensive no one will buy it. We agreed to not argue this major differences of opinion. We wished eachother well and off he went into the windy grey day to find a distributor for his products.
In the business world, it can sometimes be difficult to be the minority. I am a new business woman selling handmade Canadian products. He is a big experienced business man talking about world economies and profitablity. It is so easy to feel intimidated and begin the spiral of doubt.
And then the door opens again and a “new to the shop” customer steps inside and says “Wow. This is so cool. It is like all those indie artist sites but a touchy, feely version”. And I look around and see all this amazing talent and beautiful product that is made by someone I have met or spoken with. (Some of which is a total steal Mr. Canadian handmade is too expensive and no one will buy it.) And I am happy.
Just thought I would share…

Kiddie Time

May 13, 2007 – I hope all you mommas had a great Mother’s Day. I certainly did. I am not one of those moms that only plays kiddie music when my kiddie is around. In fact my daughter’s repetoire includes Corrine Bailey Rae “Put the Records On”, The Ramones “Do you Wanna Dance?” as well as The Beatles, The Police and Bob Marley. But when fellow mom and illustrator Lori Joy Smith blogged about her work with children’s entertainers Bobs & Lolo, I had to check them out. I was smitten immediately. The songs have great messages about recycling, riding bikes, and camping. But after seeing the videos of these sweet Vancouver songstresses in fun matching outfits (including some very adorable retro sixties print dresses) – I was sold. And I will admit that I am currently playing their CD (even though there isn’t a child in sight and I have a great Canadian store playlist). If you have a kid’s birthday coming up or want to add some diversity to your own kids CD collection, come on in and pick up a CD or DVD from this adorable duo.


May 9, 2008 – I graduated from highschool in ‘93. I went back to highschool last night. Not my highschool mind you, but a highschool. But they are all the same. They have the same flooring. They have the same wall colour. They have the same smell. Even the students seemed familiar – the cool & funny guy, the sports star guy, the wannabe princess girl, the student social council girl, the arty girl. I went to Dartmouth High School last night to see a fashion show in which Love, Me was one of the stores featured.


1. Group show of Love, Me models

2. Lily & Jae Granny Blouse with a Lilikoi bamboo pant

3. Shallan and Sara hooded jersey dress with a simply C Lillian bag

4. Orphanage Clothing Bandeau Dress with a Lu print reuseable grocery/tote bag

5. Lily & Jae Sunday Dress

Surprise: Who read The Stone Angel in highschool? Well, the first person to leave a comment on my blog (in any section really) will win a free pass for 2 persons to go see the film Premiere of The Stone Angel. You must be able to pick up the ticket at the shop and get yourself to Bear’s Lake on Wednesday, May 21st.


May 7, 2008 – This weekend we bought our 2.5 year old daughter a bike. I was amazed (I shouldn’t have been) at how branded kids stuff is. There isn’t a blue or green bike, there is only a Backyardigans or Diego bike. Of the ones that fit, she chose “the pink one” which of course is a “Princess” bike a la Disney. Today I found this you tube video and it made me giggle. I am obviously in favour of buying handmade toys over plastic, mass-manufactured crap but when it comes right down to it – kids are happy with some paper.

5 More Minutes

May 1, 2008 – Tonight – Grey’s Anatomy (CTV) – Meaghan Smith’s song 5 More Minutes will be featured. Kudos to this local talent. Check out her myspace page and listen to this beautiful song yourself. Also check out the official Meaghan Smith website to learn a little bit more about Ms. Smith.

Green Clean

April 29, 2008 – One of my favorite movies is Singles. It speaks to a particular era in my life. There is a scene where the character Linda is pissed off after what she thinks is a one night stand and so she cleans her toilet with the shirt he left at her place. She gets right in there – all around the base (Yah-Ewwwh) with his shirt. I relate so much to this scene. When life gets emotionally chaotic for me…I clean. I am also a huge Spring Clean fiend. So with April bringing in the sun and a few really emotional weeks, I have been cleaning. I usually use baking soda, vinegar, lemons and the like but sometimes I need the smell of clean to prove to myself that I did the work. I do love my Method Grapefruit All-Purpose Cleaner (green + grapefruit = yum), but I have been testing a new all purpose spray cleaner from Spice of Life. Spice of Life is a Nova Scotia company which makes all natural bath products as well as this great new household cleaner. I have to say – I heart this product! And I am hoping you will too. I have some Spice of Life product in the shop right now for you cleaning pleasure. It may only be carried for a limited time so come in and see/smell for yourself.
P.S. It should be mentioned that the Spice of Life lip balm, hempermint, is my new favorite lip balm. Move over Burt’s Bees. And there is some great cocoa body butter in a stick format – great for those dry elbows, knees, and cheeks.

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