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May 27, 2008 – I was approached by a man this morning who is the founder of a business which makes beaded “fairy” inspired clothing for little girls as well as shoes for women. I begin to enquire the how’s and who’s of the making process. (They are made in Bangladesh.) When I explain I only carry Canadian handmade, I am met with a barage of opposition: What is Canada anymore? Canada is global. Nothing is made in Canada. If it is made in Canada it is so expensive no one will buy it. We agreed to not argue this major differences of opinion. We wished eachother well and off he went into the windy grey day to find a distributor for his products.
In the business world, it can sometimes be difficult to be the minority. I am a new business woman selling handmade Canadian products. He is a big experienced business man talking about world economies and profitablity. It is so easy to feel intimidated and begin the spiral of doubt.
And then the door opens again and a “new to the shop” customer steps inside and says “Wow. This is so cool. It is like all those indie artist sites but a touchy, feely version”. And I look around and see all this amazing talent and beautiful product that is made by someone I have met or spoken with. (Some of which is a total steal Mr. Canadian handmade is too expensive and no one will buy it.) And I am happy.
Just thought I would share…

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