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This page is meant as a pin cushion for inspirational images. I hope that I can update most Fridays (thus the page title of Inspiration Friday) but forgive a gal if this doesn’t remain that regimented. Also if you have comments with ideas, links, sources etc., please feel free to leave them.


July 11, 2008 – Whoa! Friday snuck up on me – just like this kid (via Wooster Collective) in South Korea


July 4 – “Summer lovin’ had me a blast…” (ah Grease) – So now that we are officially into to summer here are a few summer projects to get your summer spaces ready.

#1 – The Hammock (via Bre Pettis at Etsy)

#2 – Make a skateboard half pipe

#3 – Making homemade beer

Other backyard renos:


June 27 – My Dad introduced me to TED Talks. And I am so inspired by the concept – a group of inspirational people meet talk on various topics and then those talks are video taped and accessible on line. The first talk I watched was a talk by a neuroscientist who had a stroke and was able to study strokes from actual experience. See ”My Stroke of Genius” here:

But there are great discussions on design, art, religion. TED Talks is definately something worth sharing on a Friday Inspiration.


June 13 – Still with the Flickr….

from gonnaaway


June 6 – I heart Flickr. It is the ultimate time sucker for me but I love it. Specifically, I love daily self portraits. I also love photographs of flowers, food, kids, pets, and shoes/outfits. Here are some sweet finds today:

1. Ella Pedersen 2. Unruly

3. Sacredheart 4. Wilkensen


May 31, 2008 (I know, it’s Saturday. I am a little mixed up.) – This is a follow up to the mobile post below. I love LOVE mobiles. I love this one. I am so gonna make one.

And here is the pattern to make your own.


May 23, 2008 – Here is a cool youtube video of this graffiti animation by BLU in Buenos Aires which is long (6 mins or so) but so amazing.

And here is another lovely take on animation – by Ross Philips for the music video “Coleen” by The Heavy


May 15, 2008 – I just saw this trailer. I didn’t even hear about this film!!?? Gotta see it.


May 9, 2008 – Ok maybe it was all the highschool “cool” music from the fashion show yesterday, but this hand thing isn’t necessarily inspirational but fun Friday stuff.


May 2, 2008 – A number of years ago I had this idea that I wanted to travel for those people who didn’t have the time. They would pay for the trip and I would document it by photography and journaling. And they would receive these momentos plus a super awesome tourist souvenir. I was convinced people would go for it. And then I let it go…

This inspiration link might be an extention of the last post on participation art. This might also just be a clever way to get what you want outta life and not have to work for it? David Horvitz sells the opportunity to be part of an experience. You can pay for him to think about you for one minute ($1) or for him to go to Japan and have tea with a monk and mail you a souvenir ($1,412) or take an old friend out to lunch and send you a pic of him and that friend ($68.33)


April 25, 2008 – ParticipACTION

I love hearing about art or cultural projects that not only engage mentally or emotionally but ask for participation.

The Anonymous Photo Project – Disposable cameras are left in various locations around the world for anyone to take photos and then send back to the headquarters.

Operation Disc Drop – George Stroumboulopoulous and his show The Hour are hosted this cool music sharing project.

From the Anonymous Photo Project:
Camera #20 – Shoe Tree, Highway 50
- The Loneliest Road, Nevada, U.S.A.

Some of the projects are partly activism

Kensington Community Scarf Project

The Freeway Blogger –


April 18, 2008 – Handmade comfort

We have a good stretch of warm but today’s rain and fog makes me want to curl up and cozify. First you would need a blanket. Check out these awesome blankets made in Denmark from Ladak

Then you need a pot of tea, a good book or a stack of magazines (depends on the mood) and a season or two of a good television show.

And then you need something warm to eat – soup! I am personally craving this one.


(P.S. If you crave soup but are feeling a bit more social check out Love, Me’s new neighbourhood page)


April 4, 2008 – Imagination + Tape = Art


This talented fellow is Mark Jenkins. His main medium is cello packing tape. He did a great series of babies and “stork”ed them in various locations around the world. Sometimes he dresses them up and puts them out in the public space. This one is crazy…



March 28, 2008 – Hope Revolution - How can that not be inspirational? It is what I intended the Love, Me love notes to do. Come in and get a love note for the price of a donation to two great causes – an emerging artists fund and getting artists into schools.


March 14, 2008 – Love her or hate her, Martha Stewart (ok…her team of all the work, none of the glory cronies) has got cute craft all sewn-up! My recent project is a cute stuffed bunny made from two gloves. I saw Martha and the North American editor of this book gloveandsock.jpg make these awesome bunnies from gloves on Martha Stewart Live. You can no longer access the “how-to’s” from her site but the video is still there (if you are patient enough to sit through the abnoxious advertisement).

If you are really up for some time wasting in the craft world, check out You Tube’s various selections from Threadbanger. Agh…too many great projects, too little time.


March 7, 2008 – I am looking for fashion inspiration and for me that means real people as opposed to magazines or runway. I am loving the photography of The Satorialist. I check it once a week. And the people….Be-A-utiful. Here a few favorites.

cynthialweb.jpg hughfweb.jpg pink.jpg skateblksuit.jpg chinpldweb.jpg


February 29, 2008 – Mobiles

I love LOVE mobiles. I had never tried to make one before a few weeks ago. I made one for the shop window. I love it. People ask me if it is for sale. I don’t think I could bear to sell it. I appreciate the mobile much more having made one. Making a mobile is opposite to my character. It takes patience. It is all about the balance. Anyway I was inspired to make mine after reading about the one Arounna (of Bookhou Design) made for Bloesem Kids (great blog for design conscience parents)


My other mobile inspirations are

shimandsonsmobile.jpg scissor_mobile.jpg fkleinmobile.jpg mobile_6_beauty.jpg

1. Shim and Sons 2. Lisa Congdon for Rare Device 3. Fkleinmobile 4. Heather Frazier


February 22, 2008 – Improve Everywhere

The group Improve Everywhere is so fabulous. I spent way too much time this week on their site watching some of their ‘missions’. These missions are what life is about – getting together with people and making art and having fun and embracing life. And making other people go huh? This group is known for the pantsless subway/tube ride missions which took place all over the world. How awesome is that? You get on the subway, groggy and head down, and then you look around and there are a number of people on your train without pants. My favorite missions are the Home Depot Slowmo and the Grand Central Station Freeze – especially the part where the baggage cart driver radios his boss and trys to explain what is going on.


February 15, 2008 – Melody

I am notorious for getting songs stuck in my head and singing the bits I know (usually only a line or two) over and over. I saw a gorgeous movie a few weeks ago and I can not stop singing various lines from the various lovely tunes from this flick. The movie is Once. The line permanently etched is “Take this sinking boat and point it home. We’ve still got time….” AUGH!

I have also been singing alot of Jenn Grant around the house to my wee one. I found this video which I love because of the bicycles and the group dancing.


February 8, 2008 – More Luv

These next two video inclusions are not necessarily ‘inspirational’ they just make me giggle and with Valentine’s Day approaching I thought they were appropriate. Enjoy.

Flight of the Conchords “It’s Business Time”

from BBC’s “Man Stroke Woman”


February 1, 2008 – Luv


My wee one is in daycare (we call it ’school’ in our house). Anyhow, they are going to exchange valentines on V-Day. Awwwww. But I simply can not hand out commercial valentines with Disney characters on them. And because the teeny ones in the shop are too adult, I need some ideas for cheap and cheerful valentines. And Martha Stewart Living gave me some good “crafty” leads which I can get the wee to help with!

Don’t ask me why, but Valentines also bring to my mind embroidery. And while I knew of her super design work, I was introduced to Kate O’Connor’s embroidery work yesterday and was completely enchanted. It is smart and funny – totally charming. This work is called “Why Does He Have Sheryl Crow on His ITunes?”. See the rest of her embroidery on her flickr page and check out her website.


Also I am totally obsessed with these Village posters.

village2.jpg village.jpg


January 25, 2008 – Inspiration: Documentation

Lisa Congdon’s “post-it a day” project

Christmas 2006 I went to a friend’s wedding where I spent time speaking with somebody’s uncle (?) about his daily documentations. He had journals filled with years of daily notes: weather, crops, natural phenonmenon, family happenings. I began to yearn for my long past journaling days where everything I was thinking got pinned down. But I was a young mom whose life was busy to say the least, and I had outgrown the “Dear Diary” concept I knew as journaling. So began my year of doing quick sketches at the end of the night and brief notes about the day: “goat cheese and sundried tomato omelette – yum; Frenchy finds: cute red pants for E and a sweet stripey top for me; Movie: Pan’s Labrinyth.” You get the gist. Anyhow, this year, in my quest to find new ways of documenting my life, I have come across some amazing websites of other yearly documentations that are so brilliant that I want to share with you.

200 Days in 20ish Seconds:

Then there is the amazing Stephanie Congdon Barnes & Maria Alexandra Vettese who completed a project called 3191 – A year of Mornings and are in the process of 3191 – A Year of Evenings. They are two old friends who live 3191 miles apart and each documented their mornings & evenings seperately for a year. The photography is so lovely and simple.

I also loved this Flickr site of one very creative personality called Gala who documents here daily outfits

Project 365

Also see the 1000 Journals Project


Friday, January 17 – Inspiration: “I feel like dancing”

This inspiration has to include two videos – one from If’n Books (a great book making tutorial actually) and the other makes me crave spontanious dance parties in the street (wish it wasn’t wet snowing out):

If I were dancing I might wear these:


Made by the fabulous Candice of The Candy Factory

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