April 22, 2008 – Thursday Love, Me is hosting a vernissage for Shelagh Duffett. She is a Halifax based folk artist and photographer. She has a beautiful sense of colour and contrast. And she is full of zip to boot! This is an opportunity to meet the artist and celebrate her very first exhibition as well as just get together and have a sip and a nibble. Join us Thursday, April 24 from 5-7pm.

Maybe it is because I really want to eat something good (or very bad) … but here a three lovely photographs by Shelagh. The onion rings one would look so great in a modern kitchen and is available at Love, Me and is framed and ready to go with you! Read more about Shelagh on her blog – which also has links to her painting shop or photography shop.


April 17, 2008 – April 22nd is Earth Day. Outside the context of school, this day sort of gets lost for the general public. When I was in high school in the late eighties and early nineties, I used to participate in the Earth Day assembly where we preached the importance of recycling. Now twenty years later (omg – has it been that long?) recycling is pretty common place. Even my two and a half year old knows about recycling and compost. Regardless of your feelings about the environment being “chic”, I think we can all agree that this shift in consciousness is a good thing.

While I consider all things at Love, Me to be greenish, there are some products which are screaming emerald green that I would love to highlight:

· Repurposed “I love Kyoto” tshirts by Posch are so freakin’ adorable

· Bamboo and organic cotton racer back tanks and neck tie body suits with green graffiti text like “Fair trade” “Sweatshop Free” “Act Locally” from Deux FM are a sexy way to declare your love for the planet.

· Repurposed clothing from Orphanage Clothing are made locally (and foot power delivered!) I am currently coveting the bandeau dress made from trench coats and the Jill shirts which are feminine creations from men’s dress shirts.

· More repurposed items from 88 Queen Street of Quebec. I heart the sweatshirts with banded collar and the sweet Army mini jacket with rickrack. Anything with rickrack deserves props!

Come on in and check it out for yourself!


April 10, 2008 – Yesterday on my way into work I was listening to a discussion on the CBC about the CBC’s decision to discontinue the CBC orchestra and decision to change the programming of the classical station, CBCRadioTwo, to include jazz and light pop. One of the questions being put to the panel of two was whether classical music was still relevant today? My career background is in museology so of course I whole heartedly believe that current culture has a lot to gain from past and historical arts. Then I thought of my little one who, with here father, drive me to the shop on Saturday mornings before they head out for their day together. We listen to CBC2 on the drive in and play “orchestra”. We wave our arms in the air in turn with the music and “conduct” and talk about the instruments we hear. She cracks up at the high “tweets” of flutes and the “booms” of the drums. It is such a joy to look in the mirror and see her little arms flitting (is that a word?) about like a conductor. I can’t wait until she is old enough that I can take her to the Symphony and the Ballet. Just like I can’t wait to take her to an all ages punk rock show. Anyway, if this issue gets your goat….there is a protest happening tomorrow, Friday, April 11. Details below.

*”Raise a Ruckus for Radio Two!” *

A National Day of Action to save Radio 2 and the CBC Orchestra

Friday, April 11, 2008

9:00am – 1:30pm

Canada’s oldest, most venerable national orchestra and only radio orchestra has been axed by CBC Radio music chief Mark Steinmetz. Since 1938, the CBC Radio Orchestra has been an integral part of Canada’s music scene, and an important part of our cultural heritage. This last radio orchestra in North America has contributed to a deep and broad archive of classical recordings in Canadian music.


Can we expand this protest to every CBC installation across the country? Do you dare to take a portion of your lunch hour to travel to the CBC centre in YOUR community to call for an end to the cutting of classical music programming and infrastructure? Can we make it a rolling protest, that hits every time zone, one after the other (half an hour later in Newfoundland)?

Here are the addresses and times:

9am PST: Victoria: 1025 Pandora Avenue

9am PST: Vancouver: 775 Cambie Street

10am MST: Calgary: 1724 Westmount Blvd. NW

10am MST: Edmonton: 23 Edmonton City Centre, 10062-102nd Avenue

11am CST: Regina: 2440 Broad Street

11am CST: Winnipeg: 541 Portage Avenue

11am CST: Thunder Bay: 213 East Miles Street

12pm EST: Toronto: 250 Front Street West

12pm EST: Sudbury: 15 MacKenzie Street

12pm EST: Windsor:825 Riverside Drive West

12pm EST: Ottawa: 181 Queen Street, Ottawa

Meet at Sparks Street entrance

12pm EST: Montreal: 1400 Rene Levesque East

1pm AST: Fredericton: 1160 Regent Street

1pm AST: Saint John: 560 Main Street

1pm AST: Moncton: 250 University Avenue

1pm AST: Halifax: 1601 South Park

1pm AST: Charlottetown: 430 University Avenue

1:30pm NST: St John’s: 25 Henry Street

Over 100 people showed up in Vancouver. If we can get even 100 to show up at each CBC station we will have made a huge statement.

For inspiration check out the following group sites:

Save Classical Music at the CBC

Save the CBC Radio Orchestra


March 25, 2008 – I just got back from the One of a Kind Show in Toronto. Whoa! A room full of over 400 vendors of creative, interesting, beautiful work is head spinning. I am glad I chose to do it in two days. I met lots of Love, Me artisans and had a great time seeing their new work. I also met a slew of new peeps with whom I hope Love, Me can do some business. That means some great new product for all of you!! Ohhh – speaking of new product – the glass rings have arrived! If you are anything like me, you will take a look at these photos and have to have one. They scream spring and summer. And they come in a sweet origami papered box.

waterfall-rings.jpg waterfall-rings2.jpg


March 14, 2008 – Winter is soooooo last month. Snow dusting our streets or not, spring has begun to bloom at Love, Me.

It doesn’t get any springier than Lily & Jae’s Granny Blouse in a sweet forget me not print or the Sunday Dress in a marigold print.


If you are just looking for an injection of colour – check out Shallan and Sara’s clothing line exclusive to Love, Me.

And for all you Pretty Raccoon fans – we have new stock in from the Pretty Raccoon line as well.


And finally, there are some amazing bamboo cotton tops and crazy cool trench coats from Nova Scotia designer deux fm apparel. On top of the fashions, there is new MimiBe Jewellery, new stationary items, new art and more Dujoo onesies.

Last Chance

March 6, 2008 – Alright ladies – this is the last week for our winter clothing clearance. I don’t care if yet another snow storm is on its way. I am putting out Spring next week. So if you have been thinking about that fabulous red wrap dress from Lilikoi or the great tweed crop pant from Momo with the awesome tulle detailing, sieze this opportunity. And gentlemen, just because I don’t have any menswear on clearance doesn’t mean I don’t wanna see ya. Come on down.

Community Notice

February 29, 2008 – Turnstile’s Grand Opening party takes place tomorrow.


Turnstile is a cooperatively managed, fully equipped, pottery studio, available to clay artists through monthly membership and to the general public through community workshops. The studio is open for pottery sales every day 1-5pm, or by chance.

2733 Agricola St. Halifax NS B3K 4E2
431-clay (2529)


February 28, 2008 – For a small, new business, there is nothing more important than cheerleaders. In the quiet days of winter it is so easy to slip into worry mode especially when you have so much on the line. But this morning, my biggest cheerleader, my husband, reminded me to look back at how far I have come. Love, Me cheerleaders take all forms – family, friends, returning customers, media, mentors. I just want to take this opportunity to thank all those people who are behind this little business that could. This cup doth runneth over…
Speaking of support, thank you to Sean Flinn, writer of “A Proudly Canadian Love Nest” (Globe and Mail, Saturday, March 1, 200 and Catherine Joudrey who wrote an article for the Ecology Action Centre Publication “Between the Issues”. The G&M can be purchased at any newstand or viewed on-line and “Between the Issues” is available now at Mountain Equipment Coop, the EAC’s official partner.


February 22, 2008 – Oh boy! This weekend is the Oscars. Call me a dork but I get pretty excited about Oscar night. When I was a tween, my mom allowed me to stay up later than my normal 8 pm bedtime to watch a bit of the Oscars. We would curl up in our jammies and drink tea and watch the red carpet walk. During this period in my life, I fancied myself a thespian (or a writer or a dolphin trainer?) and thought that someday I too would rock the red carpet is some over-the-top gown. These days I like to partake in that same ritual of tea and jammies. I try to see at least a few of the nominated films but this year, time allowed only one – Juno. And I, like many others, hope it goes home with a couple of the golden boys. Go Ellen!

Speaking fashion (Oscars and fashion are like honey and toast)… in the shop we have some super fab (sorry getting my red carpet talk on) photography by Shelagh Duffett. She is a local folk artist and photographer. We have a number of her fashion window and shoe photographs among others. Come in and see them for yourself. I am loving this photo and let’s be honest, I am coveting those red clogs.



February 14, 2008 – Hello Valentines! So I have been spending time slowly (I move very slowly lately) trying to shed the cloak of winter and propell myself into at least thinking about Spring. I am revitalizing shop spaces. I am making up my home renovation list. I am working on a few fresh projects to update shop and home. Peeking at Design Sponge you will see our fab Furni clocks in their clock roundup. In the spirit of space revitalization, I have a Furni clock special in shop. Come on down and check them out in person. (Oh – the ‘EK’ is perfectly springy in red and white.)

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