Selling Handmade

Love, Me Boutique carries exclusively handmade, small-run products for wearing, living, and giving.

Huh? It comes down to this. I love art. I love design. I love craft. I love creativity. I love cleverness. I love surprises. I love experiences. I love treats. I love nature. I love my family.

And I love shopping. Not crappy – consume anything and everything shopping. But finding retail experiences where I am taken away by smells, textures, visuals. I love being in a new city and finding a shop that is unusual or quaint and thoughtful and full of treasures. I love treasures.

So I opened a store that embraced all the things I love. I wanted to create a shop where you could come and find a gift that you will feel great about giving. I wanted a place where you could come and treat yourself and feel great because you look adorable and you are contributing to a powerful circle of economics – the arts as well as a small, local business.

Designer Naomi Joy Yamamoto of Flight Path Designs (soon to be carried at Love, Me) says it well:

“We are witnessing a desire for consumers to consume consciously…a re-evalution of the nature of consumption.When you are purchasing from local artists and designers,you are making a choice to support sustainable economies based upon local production. Buying from a local artisan means that you are aligning yourself with independent, creative thinking that is outside of the mainstream, away from the big box stores that have permeated our cities and towns. A hand made object offers a unique, one of a kind item that has been lovingly and creatively touched by the hand of the maker.”

Below are some fabulous links about handmade and big business. Go brew a cup of tea and enjoy.

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